Who We Are

We are the leading innovation catalyst enabling the development of groundbreaking, localized innovations in Africa.

Our Track Record

Founded in 2019

Our innovation practice as been validated across the region, and includes processes, tools and methods that allows us to build impactful innovations that scale.


50+ innovation and entrepreneurship support projects


4000+ youth & entrepreneurs in entrepreneurship and business skills


40+ human-centred design processes


50+ ventures to move from an idea to product/market fit

Meet the Team

Karina Faßbender

Founder & Managing Director

Nzisa Kioko

Senior Design Strategist

David Mugambi

Design and Innovation Associate

Grace Kamere

Senior Innovation Designer

Rachael Kimani

Research and Innovation Analyst

Meron Anteneh

Communications Associate

Fiona Nduati

Research and Innovation Analyst

Our Presence

We are based in Nairobi and firmly integrated into the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem in Kenya and the East African region. This strong integration supports us in developing contextualized solutions. Until now, we have supported innovation projects and programs in 15+ countries on the African continent

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