What we do



We support organizations with realizing their internal innovation goals in short- and long-term engagements. We are key partners in the innovation journey and come in as advisors and process facilitators. Our services include:


  • Workshops and Training in innovation methods and tools such as Innovation Strategy, Design Thinking, Lean Startup and others 

  • Innovation project design and facilitation: design and implementation of 3-12 months innovation and human-centred design processes

  • Design research: in-depth insights into human behaviour, underlying needs and challenges through empathy-led research

Think Tank

We conduct cutting edge research in innovation and entrepreneurship with a different industry and academic partners. This includes:

  • Case Studies on African success stories. We are a founding partner of the African business review platform, a community that collects and shares success stories of African founders and business leaders. You can find more information here (link to ABR website)
  • Industry-reports on innovation. We regularly share industry reports on innovation and entrepreneurship in key sectors. You can subscribe to our newsletter here to be up to date on the latest insights. (link to newsletter sign up)

We offer support for people from different backgrounds to build and grow ideas in a human-centered iterative process. Our flagship initiative is


  • CleanTech Hub Kenya. A hub to drive digital transformation of clean technology startups and SMEs in the region and support them in scaling their business. Read more about the CleanTech Hub here

We also offer other support:

  • Research-based innovation
  • Plug- and play model
  • Innovation resources and tools
  • Learning journeys. Learn more here.


We build communities around innovation, technology and entrepreneurship in specific industries. This includes:


  • Regular meet-ups and events
  • Knowledge sharing and connection
  • Tools for innovation and startup growth


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