The Learning Journey to Silicon Savannah (2022) – Day 3

Day 3 was all about “Digital Africa”. In the early morning part of the group, the train enthusiasts and other curious minds took the SGR from Nairobi to Athi River. It was a different vibe that set the pace for the day. We then all met at Mr. Green Africa’s recycling plant in the Industrial Area. 

Mr. Green is one of Kenya’s leading recycling companies transforming different types of used plastic waste into reusable plastic granulate that they then sell to their customers, small and large-scale manufacturers. We got a tour of the recycling facility and got to see each step of the process, from manual screening and sorting the plastic waste into different plastic categories to industrially cleaning and crushing the plastic to produce plastic granulation.

Having learned what happens to plastic after most people have declared it waste and how it can be transformed into reusable parts, our next stop was to learn more about plastic packaging. We visited SilAfrica, the leading packaging manufacturer in the region. There the regional CEO Mr. Muthu Ravi welcomed us and shared with us SilAfrica’s vision to be the technology leader in the packaging industry by incorporating key principles of the circular economy in their sourcing and production process and by exploring the implementation of technologies such as the internet of things in their production processes and final products. 

In the afternoon we visited Olympic Primary School and learned more about the inspiring work Kuze Kuze is doing to help students in underserved communities, where one classroom can have up to 100 students, stay on top of their studies by leveraging technology to analyze exam results and give tailored workbooks to students. Think of a personalized tutor powered by technology. Next stop we went to Tunapanda, a coding school in Olympic estate that is training youth in fundamentals of business, design, and coding in innovative vocational training. The participants got many insights and left very inspired.

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