EnableMe and Circle Innovation jointly offer customer insight and customer research services with a panel of persons with different types of disabilities (including neurodivergent). This will help companies to make their current products more accessible and develop more inclusive innovation processes.

Inclusive customer feedback services

EnableMe in partnership with Circle Innovation is providing inclusive customer insight services to companies. We help companies to interact with (potential) clients with various access needs in order to develop insights for better design of products.


Customer feedback on accessibility and improvement of (existing) products

Inclusive product development and innovation (new products)

Market research on inclusivity and accessibility opportunities

In-house awareness and capacity building

Why is this important?

By becoming more accessible and inclusive, corporations can develop a market segment that they may otherwise not fully understand, leaving them neglected or underserved (i.e. 15% of the total market population are persons with some sort of disability).
We help them to interact with (potential) clients in order to develop insights for better design (of mainstream products).

Enabling inclusive design through high quality disability-inclusive consumer insight not only helps support people with specific access needs but leads to better design of mainstream products and services ensure they are more usable by all customers.

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