About us

Founded in



33+ innovation and entrepreneurship support projects


4000+ entrepreneurs in entrepreneurship fundamentals and Design Thinking


15+ human-centred design processes

Our prescence

We are based in Nairobi and firmly integrated into the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem in Kenya and the East African region. This strong integration supports us in developing contextualized solutions. Until now, we have supported innovation projects and programs in 10+ countries on the African continent

Our values

Equity – We believe that each person, regardless of who they are, should have access to equal human dignity, respect, resources and opportunities. This value is manifested in our day-to-day work, the composition of our network, and the partners we work with.



Open-Mindedness – We believe that innovation, and ultimately systemic change, is driven forward through open-mindedness- This value is founded in a drive to work towards a thriving innovation ecosystem, breaking through barriers and assumptions.


Accessibility – Resource-scarcity is one main challenge for many entrepreneurs and communities we work with alike. We strive towards building solutions that are accessible to every member of the community we design for.


Empathy – This is the core of our work practice. Every day, we get up to establish a save environment of compassion, empathy and mutual support, both internally and externally.


Collaboration – We believe that truly impactful and sustainable innovations can be built only if people and organizations with different strengths and expertise come together to focus their energy and skills solving a specific challenge together. This value is embedded in our approach to our work: co-creation and human-centred design.